Special Topics of J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. Vol.75. No.11 (November 2006)
"Neutron and X-ray Scattering at the Frontiers and Gen Shirane"

Over the past five decades there has been a remarkable development in the use of scattering techniques to probe the static and dynamic properties of condensed matter systems. Pre-eminent among these probes have been neutron and x-ray scattering. The former has largely used reactor based neutron sources although pulsed spallation sources are now opening up entirely new vistas. There has been a genuine revolution in x-ray scattering as a result of the introduction of synchrotron radiation x-ray sources. Perhaps the single most important person in the development and application of these techniques for the past fifty years was Gen Shirane of Brookhaven National Laboratories. In this special topics we present six authoritative reviews of research in fields where Gen Shirane and his collaborators made singularly important contributions. We hope, hereby, to honor Gen and his great contributions to science.
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   Ed. by R. J. Birgeneau, M. Blume, R. A. Cowley and Y. Endoh
  1. R. A. Cowley and S. M. Shapiro “Structural Phase Transitions”
  2. Y. Endoh and P. Böni “Magnetic Excitations in Metallic Ferro- and Antiferromagnets”
  3. R. J. Birgeneau, C. Stock, J. M. Tranquada and K. Yamada “Magnetic Neutron Scattering in Hole-Doped Cuprate Superconductors”
  4. D. Richter “Neutron Spin Echo for the Exploration of Large Scale Macromolecular Dynamics”
  5. M. Blume, D. Gibbs and J. Hill “Gen Shirane's Legacy in Polarized Beam Scattering: From Neutrons to X-rays”
  6. K. Hirota, S. Wakimoto and D. E. Cox “Neutron and X-ray Scattering Studies of Relaxors”

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